Term 2, 2020 Announcement

Term 2, 2020 Announcement

To all our ACA Family,

Given this is an unprecedented time for our generation, I want to take the opportunity to thank our parents and families for their support and understanding this year, as we have all faced significant challenges and turbulent times.  It makes it far more pleasant when we all work together.

As you will be aware, the Academy operates over several venues and schools.  Whilst MLC is, and has been, our home base, we have many students both internal and external to consider, and the approaches of numerous schools when coordinating our approach to Term 2 tuition.

As there is currently no definite date to recommence normal schooling, with some schools choosing to return in various formats of staged introduction, while others have chosen not to return for Term 2, this presents us with significant challenges.

To avoid the uncertainty and difficulties of a variety of approaches, we have made the decision to remain 100% online until the end of May 2020, thus ensuring a consistent and coordinated approach to our classes.  At that time we will re-evaluate the situation and make the decision to continue online or return to the classroom.

Our classes will remain at the existing times as scheduled and will be delivered online, but if for instance your child is attending school and therefore is not in a position to attend the online lesson at that time, then alternative group classes have also been set up for your convenience.  These will take place on Saturday morning to accommodate your child the best we can.

Class sizes will be reduced to make the most of the online format.  This will mean that in allocating teachers we may split the classes and the class times will run consecutively.

Given that the COVID-19 situation evolves every hour of every day it is impossible for us to have all of the answers.  We will however commit to staying on top of the situation and providing the best tuition we possibly can.

Trinity College exams this year will go ahead.  However, again with more changes.  All exams will be in a digital format and we will be venturing further into the world of film with all exam performances being filmed and uploaded, provided to examiners in London for marking, and there will be a further online component (which we are still waiting for more details to come through from Trinity College London).

Our tutors have already held many meetings in the past month to adjust and make sure our tuition is of the highest standard whilst we explore the brave new world of online delivery.  We know we can and do deliver a wonderful service.  Online platforms are something that I have used for at least the past 2 years for teaching of advanced-level students living and travelling overseas.  It was not a huge change for us to take everyone online and we have certainly put a lot of effort into the preparation and will continue to do so.  Various groups have already been online since the last two weeks of Term 1 and it is certainly working well for those who embraced the online experience. It makes practical sense that your children have as much experience online as possible because the exams will be online .

To assist, we thought some parents may appreciate the opportunity to have their questions answered about how it all works in Term 2 and for the digital exams at the end of this year.  To that end, we will be holding an online panel discussion with our tutors on Monday, April 27 from 7pm to 8pm.  You will need to register for this video conference, and forward any questions in advance.

Please register at, and send questions to, [email protected] by 3pm Monday, April 27.

ACA Term 2 starts on Monday, May 4 and ends on Saturday, June 27.

Alternate Saturday class times:

  • Speak Easy – 9am to 9:30am
  • Acting Up – 10am to 10:30am
  • Musical Theatre – 11am to 11:30am
  • Chatterbox Club – 11:30 to 12pm

A further option you may consider is transferring to a one-to-one Private Coaching for the coming term if you require even greater flexibility.

Any transfer request (including transfers to Saturday classes) should be made through your Parent Portal or App.  Transfer requests must be submitted no late than 4pm on April 28, 2020 so that we can allocate teachers for the classes.

We look forward to a wonderful Term 2 with all our students.  Of course, it will be wonderful once we can all return to face to face classes and in the meantime, we have a lot of skills we can learn and impart in a digital format.

Warm regards,

Kayte Borg

Acting & Communication Academy Director | p: (02) 9261 1954

e: kayte@actingandcommunication.sydney | w: www.actingandcommunication.sydney