Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand
Albert Einstein

Drama, Theatre, Performance, the fundamentals of Acting provide great skills for life. Acting is a fundamental skill that expresses each person’s desire to play, it gives us the opportunity to expand spontaneity and creativity as well as increasing confidence and presentation. At the Acting and Communication Academy our classes range from beginner through to ATCL Diploma level. Students work to develop a range of skills vocally and physically, aiding them in life outside of the classroom or preparing them to enter the professional world of acting, teaching or speaking. Acting is not only a platform for improvement in performance and presentation, but expands our minds curiosity, exploration and imagination. We provide classes across the areas of Speech and Drama, Performance Arts and Musical Theatre in correlation with the internationally recognised Trinity Guildhall London syllabus.

Speech and Drama under the Trinity Guildhall Syllabus encourages students to explore literature throughout history through performance. It is different to other syllabuses as Trinity is internationally recognised and encourages a student to give authentic interpretations and performance, preparing one for professional acting whilst also encouraging genuine presentation skills across all areas. The Acting and Communication Academy offers both exam and non-exam classes, whichever path you choose will be one full of fun and excitement as students acquire skills and memories that will stay with them for life.

Performance Arts is great for those with creative minds, an interest in writing and devising, and especially those with a wide variety of skills whether they be in acting, singing, film making, writing, set design and more. Performance Arts gives a student the opportunity to showcase multiple skills and create engaging and exciting theatre.

Musical Theatre is a unique form of theatre that is a huge platform for entertainment across the world. The combination of drama, song and dance creates produces an incredible experience. Musical theatre in Australia and around the world is a growing area of performance with large scale shows such as The Lion King or Wicked constantly touring around the world. Grow your 'triple threat' today with our experienced and passionate tutors.


30 minute session | An individual lesson is highly beneficial for those looking to work on specific skills, or prepare for a solo exam.

  • Individual – Speech and Drama
  • Individual – Musical Theatre
  • Individual – Performance Arts

Speech and Drama group classes

30 minute sessions | Our group lessons are great fun, and encourage confidence whilst learning skills in a group setting.

  • Grade 1 Speech and Drama – Trinity Prep
  • Grade 2 Speech and Drama – Trinity Prep
  • Kindergarten Speech and Drama – Trinity Prep

Performance Ensembles

1hr – 1.5 hours sessions | Performance ensembles are larger, collaborative group classes which encourage creativity and expression through the use of Performance Arts.

  • Junior Performance Ensemble – MLC and Trinity Prep
  • Intermediate Performance Ensemble – MLC and Trinity Prep

Musical Theatre group classes

45min – 1hr session | Musical theatre group classes involve the combination of dancing, acting and singing. Group classes allow students greater opportunity to explore a wide range of musical theatre works.

  • Junior Musical Theatre – MLC
  • Intermediate Musical Theatre – MLC


Our Diploma program is specially tailored to be the only program in the Asia–Pacific region approved for completion by students under the age of 18. The Pre-Diploma program begins for students in Grade 8-9, and follows through to 1st and 2nd year. For more information see the Qualifications page