How Does Drama Develop Confidence?

16th Mar 2017 Upcoming Events

Drama develops confidence – Most of you who are familiar with drama know this to be true, but how exactly does this happen?

A well designed Drama program facilitates and promotes self-esteem and builds confident kids. A good drama teacher will also guide your child through the stages of development leading them to participate in exercises at levels they would never normally consider.
Where these is an atmosphere established that allows and encourages the individual to be brave in front of the group this sets the feedback loop in motion. Self-confidence is gained from each small success, which leads to more success.

Simultaneously, drama content encourages students to look at and be aware of their body language, posture, eye contact and work choice. Each of these skills increase a child’s ability to communicate effectively. Once we start to physically adopt these skills, the way others perceive us changes and it begins to shape who we believe ourselves to be. Once we believe ourselves to be good at something, be it speaking or communicating, then we tend to be good at those things and so the positive cycle is set in motion. The more we improve the more peers will respond, this again creates a feedback loop encouraging confidence. This self-efficacy then transfers to other parts of the student’s life, socially and academically.

Drama over time teaches children and adults to collaborate, express ideas, be creative and spontaneous and builds teamwork skills unlike anything else. It also creates more neural connections in the brain which can be attributed as intelligence. These elements often combine to produce students who are more empathetic, able to step into the shoes of others and identify with a broader world view.

These skills are the foundational skills needed for leadership. Drama really does deliver tangible results for our students, there is nothing more encouraging than watching students reap the rewards across so many areas of their lives.

-Kayte Borg | Acting and Communication Academy Director

“This course dramatically enhanced my capability of carrying out effective daily and academic conversations while also strengthened my confidence in all types of social interactions.” – Sibyl (MLC School Student)