Taking your craft to a professional level. The Trinity Guildhall College London offers Diploma qualifications in performing and teaching, these ranges across Acting, Speech and Drama, Performance Arts, Musical theatre and Communication skills. At the Acting & Communications Academy we are the only school in the Asia- Pacific with special permission from Trinity College London to sit students for the Diploma under the age of 18, due to our unique program. There are core areas that must be covered by all diploma candidate and so the program stretches across 3 years and involves the following components: A weekly class, weekly seminars and a total of 16 professional development master classes, the program begins with the Pre- Diploma stage.

Students can begin the pre-diploma stage in year 8 or 9, in this year the students complete a grade 6 or 7 Trinity College London exam as well as attending the weekly seminar and beginning to take part in Master classes. As students move into ‘1st year’ they will complete a grade 8 TCL exam in their chosen area, and move further into the theory required for their diploma. The 2nd Year is where students take their finally, qualifying, examinations. Depending on the Diploma chosen, whether it be Teaching or Performing, these examinations may be a final practical exam, or in the case of the teaching diploma, a written exam, practical exam and a case study. For more information on the Diploma program or to discuss the possibility of a Licentiate, we’d love to make an appointment with you. The following enrolment information accounts for all aspects of the program, individual or group, core practical lesson are included here and do not need to be enrolled for on the ‘acting’ or ‘communications’ pages.

We also offer the possibility of partaking in a professional certificate in Speech and Drama, Acting, Communication Skills or Musical Theatre, a great. These Certificates are a step in between a grade 8 certificates and an ATCL Diploma, and involve a one-year course. If you are looking to take your training to a higher level, this qualification in well recognised in the business and communications industry. The Professional Certificate prepares candidates to take on the professional world, whether it be in Acting or Communications.

Pre Diploma and Diploma Program

Professional Qualifications

  • Professional Certificate in Speech and Drama
  • Professional Certificates in Acting
  • Professional Certificates in Communication Skills
  • Professional Certificates in Musical Theatre

1st Year Diploma

  • Individual
  • Group

2nd Year Diploma

  • Teaching – Individual
  • Teaching – Group
  • Performing – Individual
  • Performing – Group