Acting & Communication Academy Enrolment Terms & Conditions

By enrolling in Acting & Communication Academy courses you accept the Terms & Conditions as set out below.

  1. Tuition
    • Tuition is given by the full term only, and enrolment is for the calendar year.
    • There are four terms per year.
    • Fees are per term, not per lesson.
    • On average you can expect there to be 8 lessons per term or the equivalent.


  1. Payment
    • All fees are payable in advance prior to commencement of lessons each term.
    • If fees are not paid in full, the Acting & Communication Academy holds the right to refuse tuition.
    • A 5% late fee will be charged for all overdue accounts per month or part thereof.
    • One change of enrolment will be permitted per term per student.  Subsequent changes will attract an Administration Fee of $35 per change.
    • Any cost/s incurred to recover payments due as per this agreement will the responsibility of the parent or guardian enrolling the child.
    • Half a term’s notice is required for termination of tuition; i.e. notice must be given by the end of Week 4 in the preceding term.  Failure to give notice will incur the full-term fee.


  1. Cancellation Policy
    • If you wish to end your enrolment and drop the course, notice must be received via the Parent Portal or App by the end of the 4th week of lessons the preceding term.  For example, to drop from Term 2, notice must be received by the end of Week 4 in Term 1.
    • Failure to give notice will incur the following term fee.
    • There are no refunds for change of mind once enrolled.
    • If you find your class clashes with another activity, we will endeavour to find you another class but cannot guarantee placement and no refunds or credits will be given.
    • If you drop a class part way through a term you forfeit the remainder of the term fees.
    • No refunds are payable.
    • To apply to drop a class: see the FAQ section [here].


  1. Transfer Policy
    • All transfers or changes of class must be made using the Parent Portal or App.
    • Transfers are not guaranteed or automatically approved.
    • Any additional fee or charges must be paid prior to commencement of the new class.
    • There will not be a refund if the new class fee is less than the old class fee.
    • Information about transfers is on the FAQ section [here].


  1. Refund Policy
    • Class fees are to be paid in full on the enrolment date and are non-refundable.
    • Refunds cannot be given if you change your mind.
    • If you are unable to attend a lesson you must provide a minimum of 24 hours-notice, then we will endeavour to provide you with two alternative ‘make up’ times or you may attend a group class lesson.  If these are also not suitable to you then the class lesson will be forfeited.
    • Credits or refunds will not be given for missed Masterclasses or Holiday Programs.  If five days-notice is provided a 50% credit may be placed on your account for use toward future tuition.
    • If less than 5 days’ notice is given to withdraw from a holiday program or masterclass then no credit is given.


  1. Lessons/Competitions/Performances
    • Lessons missed by student non-attendance will not be credited; where a minimum of 24-hour notice is provided via the Parent Portal or App the student may have a make up class in that same term. A maximum of 2 options will be provided and if these are not suitable then the class will be forfeited.
    • Lessons cancelled by the Academy will be made up.  No more than two make up time options will be provided before the class is considered forfeited by the student.
    • Make up lessons must be taken within the same school term as they were missed and cannot be carried into the next term.
    • Exam and competition entry will be made with student/parent/guardian/tutor’s mutual consent.
    • Exam and entry fees are payable by the parent/guardian before the entry can be made.
    • If participating in a performance, attendance at ALL rehearsals is required.
    • Extra rehearsals may be called, and payment made per rehearsal.


  1. ACA Staff
    • Acting & Communication Academy staff will not be responsible for your child outside of designated class time.
    • Prior to a lesson, students will be picked up from
      • MLC – the Red Carpet in the Junior School
      • Trinity – the back playground on Llandilo Avenue
    • ACA staff are not responsible for your child after the completion of the lesson time and it is your responsibility to make arrangements for the collection and transportation of your child to their next activity.
    • Any children left at the end of a class may be taken to afterschool care and you will be responsible for any fees with that provider.
    • The above does not apply to students attending in the CBD, Ashfield and Pymble where you will need to make your arrangements about transport to and from the class and ACA staff will not be responsibility for your child outside of the class time.  If you are late and a staff member has to wait you will be billed at the rate of $10 for every 5 minutes or part thereof that you are late in collecting your child.
    • The Acting & Communication Academy only employ tutors of a high standard.  On enrolling, participants enrol for a class, not a specified tutor – thus we reserve the right to change the tutor at will or convenience.
    • Our staff come to work to teach your children, and it is important for all members of our staff to be treated with courtesy and respect.  Aggressive or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  We reserve the right to refuse to continue tuition of a child whose parent/guardian has been reported as acting inappropriately toward a staff member and no refund of fees with be payable.


  1. Communication
    • All communication must be within normal business hours.
    • All communication must be via email to [email protected] or [email protected] whichever is most appropriate. Staff will endeavour to provide you with a response within 2 business days.
    • To facilitate communication, parents/guardians are required to read the newsletter and to stay subscribed whilst enrolled at the Acting & Communication Academy.


  1. Photography
    • I understand that the Acting & Communication Academy may use my child’s photograph for its own promotional purposes, unless explicitly notified in writing.